The month of traveling

September ended up becoming this year's Month of travel. It started off with a trip to Dortmund, Germany between the 17th and 19th in relation to Inter-tabac, a cigar gathering. As I'm the majority owner of a cigar importer in Norway this proved to be a very informative event. Below is a picture of myself and Augusto's General Manager (the GM) together with Don Pepin Garcia and his son, as well as the GM together with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars.

The next trip went to Zurich, Switzerland for the annual Euromoney Covered Bond Congress. This trip included a casino night with UBS and me capitulating and purchasing an iPad. As the picture below shows I apparently also inadvertently applied for The Blues Brothers next to our taxi, a nice old Caddilac.

The final trip of the month, from 29th to 1st of October went to Octoberfest in Munich, Germany. If the picture of myself wearing Läderhosen isn't appropriate, I'm not sure what is.

Joining the hype: Testing the iPad

Since there seems to be quite a lot of fuzz going on about the Apple iPad, even though it hasn't officially reached Norway yet, I figured I had to give it a try. Since an acquaintance has just been in the US, and gotten hold of the 64 GB, wifi-only version it was easy enough.

I must admit I was positively surprised, especially for reading text. The clear screen resolution and the zoom ability is decent.

My favourite application is as always Bloomberg, even though I only tried the free version (is there an Anywhere version as well for iPad as there is for BlackBerry?). Although a con is that I miss the email integration that I have on BB, despite iMail being configured for mail on the device.

Also, the facebook application needs some tweaking, but with such a screen resolution the web interface is OK anyways.

Now I only have to decide if I want one of my own. After all, I have quite a few computers already (by last count I had 8 in my ownership that I connect to on various locations, most of which are servers that I use through ssh/ command line interaction). At least i have some time to make up my mind before apple officially sell it in Norway.