Back from vacation

This year I spent my summer holiday relaxing back in Norway -- mostly back on the west coast in the area around Ålesund, where I come from.

I started off with some Salmon fishing, granted only got a small one of 1.5kg;

The area is great, and we were lucky with the weather. Below is a picture of the Mardøla streak.

As for computers, I've gotten around to implementing support for Elliptic Curve public keys in SKS , and played around with an updated version of pks2wot to allow interaction with SKS for the wot generation, hence called sks2wot.

Most of the vacation was left to relaxation, and reading up on books and magazine subscriptions.

The month of traveling

September ended up becoming this year's Month of travel. It started off with a trip to Dortmund, Germany between the 17th and 19th in relation to Inter-tabac, a cigar gathering. As I'm the majority owner of a cigar importer in Norway this proved to be a very informative event. Below is a picture of myself and Augusto's General Manager (the GM) together with Don Pepin Garcia and his son, as well as the GM together with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars.

The next trip went to Zurich, Switzerland for the annual Euromoney Covered Bond Congress. This trip included a casino night with UBS and me capitulating and purchasing an iPad. As the picture below shows I apparently also inadvertently applied for The Blues Brothers next to our taxi, a nice old Caddilac.

The final trip of the month, from 29th to 1st of October went to Octoberfest in Munich, Germany. If the picture of myself wearing Läderhosen isn't appropriate, I'm not sure what is.