Quick update

I really should get better at updating this blog, but lately I must admit I've found twitter and linkedin to be quicker ways to provide short updates. My twitter updates, at least, are available in the right column for those interested.

So what is new? well, not that much, really. The past week I've been out traveling again , first to Brussels on Wednesday (0640 flight, yay) to sit in a panel discussion for some 20 odd investors, and then to the LBBW Covered Bond Forum in Mainz, outside Frankfurt, Germany.

Both events were indeed very nice, although in Brussels I pretty much only got in an out, but at least got to see the Grand Place.

And in the LBBW seminar we even got to see Germany's new bailout plan leaked by surprise guest: turn twenty euro notes into fifties

So, what is happening forwards? At least I'm staying in Norway for a week or so before going to Stockholm, but of more interest is being invited to sit in a panel at the IMN Global Covered Bond Conference in London in March, which should be fun... oh, and I scheduled a week of vacation in early march as well, to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria.