Time for a vacation

Oslo, Norway has seen its share of snow and cold (downwards to -25c) this winter. As many know I'm not particularly fond of this season, and so it has become a tradition of sorts to shorten it by adding at least one to warmer ares towards the longer end of it.

This year's trip, as last year's (why change a winning strategy), goes to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain. The one plan for the trip is to recharge my batteries and enjoy some books by the poolside together with some nice cigars. Oh, and did I mention it is a spa resort and thalasso -  definately adding to it being a nice place to relax!

So far I've downloaded a set of new books by Robert Ludlum, James Patterson and Neal Stephenson on my Kindle for iPad - in other words, trying to stay away from books on subjects related to finance or computer programming for once.

The real trial, is however, to what extent I'll be online during the vacation. For it to, truly, be a vacation I should probably shut off the pushmail functionality on my BlackBerry, but then again, knowing myself - with a WiFi enabled hotel and an iPad in addition to the BB, thats probably not gonna happen..