Year of cryptography?

Over the past few weeks I've been using my spare time to further improve upon , a project I've been running since 2006 (time flies). Most notably, I've constructed and implemented a new calculation of DNS Service Record (SRV) weights, that are used for calculation of which servers are to be included in various geographical sub-pools. As a result of this, the project now has geographical pools for; Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.In addition the server discovery process has been parallelized , and is in general far more robust. So far in 2012 an additional 3,104 lines of code has been added to this particular project.

The actual calculations are described in more details in this PDF document.


In addition, the IDEA implementation I wrote for libgcrypt / gnupg back in 2006 has finally been included into the main codebase (with some modifications, mainly by Alon and Ullrich), See [1] and [2].


That comes in addition to the publication of my book on sending secure emails. Is 2012 the year of cryptography for me? I certainly hope it continues to involve a lot of it going forwards as well.