Intel EM64T

The processor I'm getting on the server is a 64 bit Xeon processor. This has resulted me reading up a bit about the 64 bit architecture as I've only used 32bit systems so far.

As far as gentoo goes, I found a wiki entry telling me to use the AMD64 base, as the architecture is very similar. This is also supported by a forum thread

I am doing this in preparation of getting the new server.


I have been planning some preliminary stuff for the new server. For one thing I've decided on using Gentoo on it, and have therefore read up on some documentation. I will most probably use qmail together with vpopmail and a MySQL back-end and serve POP3 and IMAP over an SSL enabled connection.

I will as before also use Apache2 together with PHP5 and MySQL 5.0. The webmail frontend will probably be squirrelmail configured with the OpenPGP extension (Read more about OpenPGP).

More information on the process will follow.

New server

Okay, now the new server has been ordered, and the full backups have been located. They are somewhat older than what I like, but it is pretty much only blog entries that are missing and I can go without them if it come to that. That said, I get the failed Hard Disk Drive mailed to me so that I can run some recovery on it, if that seem necessary.

The server I ordered is a Dell PowerEdge SC1420. I ordered one with a Intel® Xeon™ prosessor (3.00GHz, 2MB cache, 800MHz FSB) and 1GB DDR2 SDRAM (2x512MB 400MHz DIMMs). It come with a 73GB SCSI Ultra320 (10000rpm) 1'' 68 pin harddisk.

With that, may the old server rest in peace (RIP).