When an upgrade goes wrong

The server system was scheduled for an upgrade today. It should really be a trivial matter of switching the router and doing some re-configuration of the server box.

What started as a good upgrade giving a tripled upstream speed to better serve everybody soon became a misery.

For some reason I was unable to connect remotely after the router switch although it should have been pre-configured to match the appropriate TCP/IP settings.

Since I was unable to connect remotely I got a technician to connect a monitor and a keyboard as the server is about 700 kilometer away from me. The thing is, the login didn't respond to any of the usernames or passwords. Okay, so we figured a reboot might be in order, as the possibility exist that it is simply completely frozen. And then it got to fsck of hda, the primary disk drive. And it errored miserably, without being able to continue booting.

So now I've moved several sites, including secure-my-email.com and secure-my-internet.com over to another server, so they are operating as they should. This is actually something I've considered doing for some time, so maybe a little push was good, although I would prefer it to be somewhat nicer than this one.

I also got the mail system up on a secondary server, so no emails are lost. Sadly though kfwebs.net depend on MySQL 5.0 as well as some custom-written User Defined Functions(UDF), so without a rewrite it won't run on the other server too easily. Thankfully thanks to Myles ( myleshenderson.com ) I got access to a server that had MySQL 5.0 and hence I got up the website and it will reside there temporarily until I get my own server configured.

HDD recovery going well

My Hard Disk Drive recovery is going well and I was able to get the data I wanted from the malfunctioning disk drive. Now it is only time to wait for Dell to finish the shipment of the new server and configure it.

The websites scanners-on-linux.com and trond.in are amongst the sites that got back up throughout the past hours. mapyourfamily.name require special applications so it won't get up before the new server is up and running.

Sound of a HDD malfunctioning

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has released as of now six sound bits to help you recognize Hard Disk Drive (HDD) failures. Couldn't they have told me about it a bit earlier? Maybe it could have helped to avoid a certain HDD failure I had on my own. Well, the server is located 700km away from me, but I'm sure someone would be able to hear it before it crashed.

You can download the clips yourself at: hitachigst.com