Happy new year

Today was the first day of the year 2007, a year I have high hopes for. I can really say that I'm more satisfied with my life at the moment than I have ever been before, and although it can still get a push I hope it gets so sometime in 2007, at least I'm working on it.

In the final week of 2006 I started a new project of mine, but this time it was not a website (surprise,surprise). I have taken upon me to write a book, and the working title is Sending emails - the safe way. As of now I'm only on 30-odd pages into it, but then again, that isn't too bad after a couple of days, its not like I'm writing on it constantly either. That said, I don't expect to have it ready until at first the final months of 2007, if not early 2008. I don't want to rush it, but rather write something I'm confident with.

So let me start by quoting the introductory chapter as it is written at the present time

Talking to an acquaintance on the phone, it is generally easy to know whether you're talking to the one you expected, this is however not necessarily as easy when sending an email, which reduces the credibility of email messages in general. As a result of this, many would rather talk to someone one the phone before sending the email, despite emails advantages.

And there are many advantages. Email is an asymmetrical form of communication, which doesn't require the other party to be present at the exact time you yourself have the time for it. It gives both the sender and the recipient time to properly formulate the communique in an unambiguous way, as well as do the necessary research for the information contained to be as accurate as possible.

As opposed to sending a fax, it is both easier to maintain, archive and the quality is far better, as well as introduce accessibility tools for e.g. visually impaired users.

Most are familiar with the proverb "There is no use closing the door, once the horse has left the barn". The same is true regarding email security, you have to participate in a pro-active way to make sure your communication is secure.

Hopefully this book can help you with increasing the credibility of emails by sending emails the safe way.