Norwegian and Danish embassy in Syria on fire

Earlier today the Danish embassy (Swedish embassy is in the same building) was set on fire in Syria ( Damascus ) after cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammad was printed. Recently the Norwegian embassy (about six kilometer away) was set on fire as well.

The cartoons were originally printed in a Norwegian Christian conservative magazine by the name of "Magazinet". Earlier this week a video of the editor of the said magazine being assassinated started spreading on the Internet.

One of the cartoons show the Prophet Mohammad with a turban resembling a bomb, have caused uproar across the Muslim world. While most would react by sending a letter to the editor, it has broken into an international situation. This reaction provoke me to print one of the images in question.

I disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
- Voltaire

mohammad turban bomb

Update: 18:24
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ask Norwegians to leave Syria.

Update: 23:37
The Norwegian embassy flag was burned, the embassy plundered, and the Norwegian ministry of Foreign Affairs consider breaking diplomatic relations with Syria.
the norwegian embassy flag
(Photo provided by Reuters)

Update: 5th Februrary 21:06

Update: 6th February 10:35